Hydra Secure Locking Collar

Defense For Your Water Supply

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Made for Woodford Hydrants

The Hydra Secure locking collar is a yard hydrant lock originally designed for the Woodford Y34 Yard Hydrant. This unique locking system uses two steel plates to secure your Woodford yard hydrant. The steel plates fit around the collar of a yard hydrant and a padlock is placed through locking collar for increased yard hydrant security.

Perfect for Unattended Property

A yard hydrant lock is absolutely necessary for unattended properties. These types of yards are easy targets for water theft and vandalism, making yard hydrant security even more critical. The Hydra Secure locking collar is the perfect lock for yard hydrants in unmanned settings.

Your Water Protection Solution

The Hydra Secure locking collar is the perfect lock for your Woodford yard hydrant or any yard hydrant that needs a lock. The patented advanced lock design is not affected by bolt cutters and will protect your yard hydrant against thieves, vandals and any other water security threat.

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