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About the Hydra Secure

About the Inventor

Carl, the inventor of the Hydra Secure locking collar, is from Nokomis, Illinois. He has a history of tinkering and creating new inventions. It wasn’t until he invented the Hydra Secure locking collar that he revolutionized water security and the way we lock up our yard hydrants!

Carl Niemi, the inventor of the Hydra Secure locking collar, originally created the Hydra Secure for his own yard hydrant. One weekend, he went out of town and left his yard and yard hydrant unattended. When Carl returned, vandals had opened his yard hydrant and flooded his yard, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Carl immediately purchased a lock and chain in order to protect his yard hydrant, yard, and water supply in the future. Two weeks later, the vandals returned. They used bolt cutters to cut the chain, once again opening the yard hydrant and flooding the yard. The Hydra Secure locking collar was born and has since successfully deterred vandals and water thieves.

Hundreds of individuals experience similar vandalism to their yard hydrants and yards every year. The Hydra Secure locking collar was created to protect yard hydrants and water supplies across the globe. The patented design is made from 304-grade stainless steel and can be used with various types of locks. The lock is easy to use and affordable for farmers, ranchers, gardeners and land-owners everywhere!

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