What You'll Need

  1. All you will need to start protecting your water supply is:
  • A Yard Hydrant
  • Hydra-Secure Locking Collar 
  • Padlock
There’s only a couple of steps to set up your Hydra-Secure:
  1. Place the Hydra-Secure around the collar of your yard hydrant
  2. Insert a padlock of your choice through the locking collar
  3. Your water supply is now protected!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hydra-Secure Locking Collar fits perfectly on the Woodford Y34 yard hydrant.

Hydra-Secure Locking Collars are made of two 304-grade stainless steel plates for the best strength and durability.

Hydra-Secure Locking Collars are great for anyone with a yard hydrant that wants to protect their water supply. They are popular with farmers, ranchers, gardeners, municipalities, and land-owners everywhere.

A lock and chain can easily be broken with a pair of bolt cutters. The Hydra-Secure was specifically designed to be able to withstand bolt cutters and other tools that vandals may use.

Hydra-Secure is made with durable steel that is built to withstand the elements for years.

Yes, the Hydra-Secure is built to withstand all kinds of temperatures and can be used year round to protect your water supply well into the winter. 

For maximum security, we recommend the Master Lock Model 6127LJ. If you do not need the absolute maximum security level, other models including Master Lock 175DLH and Master Lock 1175LHSS work well. All Weather Combination Padlock are also compatible with the Hydra Secure Locking Collar.

The bolt and nut are welded to prevent any vandals from getting past the Hydra-Secure this way.


The Hydra-Secure is working really well for us. Being here in a public park with a lot of foot traffic it's really nice to have something that keeps our yard hydrants secure and locked.
Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture
I have three Woodford Y-34 hydrants throughout my 11 acres of land. The Hydra-Secure Locking Collars on them provide peace of mind for me knowing that my water supply is protected at all times.
Mike H.
Retired Landowner