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Frost-Free Spigots

With winter upon us, things are beginning to freeze and many of us need to worry about our water supplies. Is your spigot at risk for frosting over? Not if you own a Woodford Y34!

The Woodford Y34 yard hydrant is designed to withstand freezing temperatures, it works with a valve system that, when closed, prevents water from rising and keeps it under the frost line, and when opened allows water to flow and rise above the ground level. Then again, once the handle is lowered, any remaining water on the head and in the riser-pipe drains therefore emptying the Woodford Y34, and so there is no water left to freeze. This ingenious invention has bee on the market since 1929. This has become the most commonly used spigot across the United States, especially in those areas that are susceptible to cold weather.

However, the only flaw of the Woodford Y34 is the fact that anyone can easily lift the handle and allow water to flow freely from the spigot. If the Woodford Y34 yard hydrants are tampered with or opened by vandals, causing the spigot to flood water, especially with a “quick connect” or hose, this could lead to the water rising and freezing, followed by the freezing over of your Woodford Hydrant and water lines. This can be avoided by simply locking up your Woodford Y34 with a Hydra Secure Locking Collar, not only against water theft or for water conservation, but to prevent having frozen pipes, an unusable, or damaged hydrant for an extended period of time.

Even leaving the hose running while connected to a spigot can lead to the spigot freezing due to the water not being able to go back down into the ground. The Hydra Secure Locking Collar is a very simple and cost-effective way to avoid damage to your Woodford Hydrant and to avoid high water bills. The collar fits perfectly around the riser pipe and handle, where a padlock is then placed. The collar is raised and locked in place, and now, neither bolt cutters nor hacksaws can get through, and, if your Woodford Hydrant sits on large gardens, farms, or potentially unattended property, you can rest assured that it will be safe during the winter and truly be frost free.

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