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Getting Smart About Water Theft

Water theft and vandalism can be a major issue for owners of Woodford yard hydrants. The Woodford Y34 model, is one of Woodford’s most popular products but is also the most susceptible. Water theft is extremely difficult to track as much of it goes unreported. However, annual loses are estimated to be at $14 billion throughout the globe. It’s time to get smart about our water security and protect those Woodford yard hydrants. A Hydra Secure locking collar is a simple solution to what could be a major problem.

If you have a Woodford hydrant in an unmanned setting, you’re at risk and you may not even realize it. Numerous Woodford hydrant owners have reported spiked water bills for seemingly no reason. Even neighbors can easily attach a hose to your Woodford hydrant and run it into their yard, easily doubling your water bill. But this problem can be prevented before it starts at all. Invest in a Hydra-Secure locking collar and secure your water supply.