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The Inception of Hydra Secure

Woodford Manufacturing has been creating the Woodford Yard Hydrant model Y34 since 1929. This was the company’s first freezless yard hydrant. In 2014, Carl Niemi invented the yard hydrant locking collar to protect his Y34 Woodford Yard Hydrant. With the realization that outdoor hydrants are very vulnerable to vandalism, Carl had to find a way to lock up his yard hydrant. The manufacturer of his yard hydrant recommended a chain and padlock, a very common method of securing and locking yard hydrants. However, the chain used around the pipe of the hard hydrant was easily cut by simple bolt cutters or hacksaws. The Hydra-Secure locking collar was created to replace and overcome hydrant vandalism with the locking collar.

The Hydra Secure locking collar has revolutionized water security for the Y34 Woodford yard hydrant. To use the collar, one simply opens the plates at the hinges and positions the top and bottoms plates around the vertical water pipe. The collar is then closed around the pipe and the top and bottom locking holes are aligned. A padlock is placed through the locking hole on the yard hydrant handle and positioned over the locking holes. The padlock is then tilted towards the pipe. The attached end of the padlock is able to move towards the pipe because the attached shaft fits into the slot of the top plate. Once the end of the padlock protrudes through the two locking holes, the padlock may be raised to lock the padlock in place. This also locks the hydrant handle and the top and bottom plates together such that the handle may not be lifted. This device can greatly reduce the amount of lost water in residential areas, commercial properties, gardens and yards. Carl Niemi uses the Hydra Secure locking collar himself and has not had theft or vandalism since. Not only is Hydra Secure helping to prevent thousands of dollars in damages but conserve water through securing hydrants from being opened freely. Every Y34 Woodford Yard Hydrant should have a Hydra Secure!