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The Woodford Y34 Yard Hydrant

The Woodford yard hydrant has been an American icon since 1929. These little orange yard hydrants can be found everywhere from New York to California. The hydrants are an iconic element of farmlands, nurseries, campgrounds and more! Woodford manufacturing company invented the Woodford Y34 model to withstand the high heats of summer and the freezing temperatures of winter. Today, the Woodford Y34 model is their most popular yard hydrant.

The hydrant was invented to allow for immediate water flow in sub zero temperatures. Since 1929 there have been many improvements made to the yard hydrant. Woodford manufacturing company has allowed for a more variable flow with a smooth, controlled handle. The 1” galvanized steel pipe is built for a long lasting life and can withstand harsh temperatures of the varying seasons. All parts of the Woodford Y34 model are also interchangeable, making each yard hydrant more easily repaired regardless of its age.

The Y34 yard hydrant is staple of many properties and is often seen on rolling green hills or across a long pasture. These small and powerful hydrants are essential for water access making it even more critical to protect them. Often times, locking your spigot up with chains and a padlock just doesn’t cut. Water theft or vandalism can lead to a monster water bill or expensive property damage. They Hydra Secure locking collar is the perfect way to protect your Woodford friend and ensure that only you access your water supply. The hydra secure is two galvanized steel plates that go around the Woodford Y34 yard hydrant and lock into place with a padlock. The steel plates prevent the use of bolt cutters and maintain that icon, traditional look of your Woodford Y34 yard hydrant.

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